Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

“It is a trade secret but I will let you into it anyway, all healing is self-healing.”
– Dr. Albert Schweitzer

1016146822Hypnosis helped Alice* recover – totally.

Remember Alice (Home page), who had neuropathy in her hands and feet following chemotherapy? Now, she was cancer-free and feeling great – except for this.

She was afraid to carry her new grandbaby on the stairs, never quite sure where her feet might land.

A former 10-steps-a-day walker, it often hurt too much. Her doctors said she might have this condition forever. They don’t know.

Open to trying anything, Alice was willing to listen to her personalized hypnosis recording for 21 days. Then, she continued to listen because she felt good playing it. And the neuropathy gradually disappeared.  

Sylvia* found relief from chronic pain.

Then, there is Sylvia. She has seen every doctor and alternative practitioner imaginable to heal the chronic pain she has endured for years.

Nobody could explain the real cause of her pain. She, too, was willing to try something different.

Finding the root cause of the pain brought immediate and substantial relief.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of
everything that isn’t you – all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”
– Rachel Naomi Remen

325869920Our bodies are designed to heal

But our minds can keep healing from happening. Past events create beliefs that can cause us great harm – and pain. Yes, even physical pain. Once we uncover those beliefs, we can change them. Then, we heal.

The memories are familiar – we’ve recalled them repeatedly because they have meaning. But just what is that meaning?

When we open our minds and see the event through a new lens, we’re often amazed at what our minds chose to believe at the time because of what happened.

That old belief may be causing our current pain and discomfort.


Sounds unbelievable? Experience it for yourself

When I help you realize the power of your brilliant mind, you’ll become amazed at what it can do for you.

Your mind can help you heal and find inner peace and physical relief. Truly!

Don’t let neuropathy and chronic pain keep you from fully recovering. Let go of those fears and let your body heal itself.

Contact me today, so we can find the root cause of why you are not able to recover.

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