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Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

It really is that simple!

People today are suffering needlessly from pain and emotional problems and don’t know where to turn for help.

These are problems that can be solved by the often-overlooked practice of hypnotherapy that has been used by

some of the world’s most successful people like…

Tiger Woods – Sylvester Stalone – Tony Robbins – Henry Ford  – Jack Nicklaus – Adele – Princess Diana

Hypnosis is used in world-famous health organizations like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and others.

Are you:

  • Battling anxiety and stress?
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Struggling to shed extra pounds or become a non-smoker?
  • Suffering from chronic pain or grief?
  • Longing for a peaceful night’s sleep and emotional balance?

Hypnotherapy may hold the key to your freedom

Meet Karen

From executive search) to real estate management…
From hosting a radio show in Chicago to being as a Guardian ad Litem for abused kids…
Karen has had a portfolio of professional experiences that brought her to her role of personal coach and hypnotherapist.

On her radio show she interviewed people like Dr. Wayne Dyer and other best-selling authors who wrote on how to live better, more fulfilling lives. “I was always deeply curious about what makes people tick and wondered how I could help someone move toward a better outcome.” She became a certified coach and knew she was on the right path. She continued to study different modalities and added hypnotherapy and mental fitness coaching to her practice.

Karen’s helps her clients feel heard, supported, encouraged, strong, and confident. She provides a safe place for people to discover what is causing their emotional or physical pain and move forward – often beyond their own expectations.

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“I started seeing Karen at one of the lowest times in my life. Her voice is so soothing and the recording I received helped tremendously. The understanding and compassion I felt from her speak volumes about where I am in my life. You helped me out so much when I needed it the most.”

Darci M.

“I have experienced firsthand how gifted Karen is as a coach. Karen’s work gets to the heart of this stuck-ness by honing in on the subconscious roots of an issue…and facilitate progress by building new neural pathways to possibility.”

Jen H., Mental Health Counselor

“Karen was such a blessing when traditional medicine was failing me…went out of her way to follow up…I highly recommend Karen Ross and her hypnotherapy.  She treated me as if I were her only client.”

Tara Still, CPA, MBA

“….it deeply affected my life since childhood…filled with doubt even in talents that I had been well trained in. I had exceptional results working with Karen Ross. I feel much more confident and experience much less fear every day and embrace my unique gifts.”

Ellena Lynn Lieberman, Author & Spiritual Educator The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation

“Her words reached into my subconscious and created a new way of thinking about my publication deadlines.  I took on a new attitude about my abilities and talents. Karen and RTT saved me. It works!”

      Jeanne Baker Guy, award-winning author – You’ll Never   Find Us: A Memoir

“Following chemotherapy, I suffered from neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I tried acupuncture and light treatment with no lasting success.  Karen was able to create a personalized hypnosis tape that greatly alleviated this life-impacting side effect. I am so grateful to Karen for making my life more fulfilling.”

                J. Harnish

“…Part of that is looking for that little edge or difference that can help me improve. And that is exactly what working with Karen is doing for me.”

Frank Agin, author, speaker, referral consultant, and Founder of AmSpirit Business Connections

“Wow! The recording is amazing. It is so perfect for me and my situation. Thank you so very much.”


“I find it difficult to put into words what it has meant for me…my body is more relaxed… better able to be more present…inexplicable joy arises at times., I offer my sincere gratitude.”

 Cathy Haggerty

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