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Losing Your Competitive Edge

Logan feels self-doubt and shame. Always the best at his sport, suddenly he feels anxious and knows he’s not performing as well as he could. He can’t admit to anyone that lately, he feels like he may be losing his competitive edge. Logan wishes he could talk to someone and get his mojo back, but he’s ashamed. And he’s scared that if he does nothing, things will only get worse.

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Recover from Divorce

Judith feels ABANDONED and ALONE. Her husband of 31 years suddenly announced he was leaving – he’s in love with someone else. The only life she’s ever known just went up in smoke in a single moment. She doesn’t think she can go on; there’s just no way to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Alleviate Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

Alice feels HOPELESS. She’s extremely grateful she came through cancer treatment successfully, but her doctors tell her she’ll have residual neuropathy in her hands and feet for the rest of her life. Doing simple tasks is difficult for her. She can’t even comfortably carry her new grandchild – afraid she’ll miss a step or lose hold of the tiny baby.

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It’s never too late

…to be vulnerable. Logan realized that maybe he’s not alone in this. Maybe it’s possible to regain some of that competitive power he thinks he’s lost. He wants to find someone who honors his feelings without judgment and suggests concrete ways to help him feel strong and confident again.

…to create a new life. Despite how divorce has left her feeling defeated, Judith still has a dim flame burning inside her. All she needs is someone to guide, encourage, and support her in the process of building it into a fire that will ignite her spirit.

…to try something else. Alice heard Rapid Transformational Therapy® can actually eliminate neuropathy. She’s ready to try anything that will help her feel confident enough in her body to play with her grandchildren.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

– Plato

Each one committed to finding solutions and created the changes they desired.

Logan once again feels like a winner – all the time. He’s on top again. He feels confident and knows he’s a champion.

Judith now has the confidence to move beyond her divorce and create a life filled with joy and peace.

Alice has regained sensation in her hands and feet, and with it, a sense of independence and freedom from neuropathy.

*The scenarios you’ve read here represent fictionalized composites of real clients with whom I’ve had success helping.

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