Why KarenRossNOW.com?
Because KarenRoss.com was taken! I still wanted to use my name in my website name and wanted it to be easy to remember. NOW was short and easy to tack on the end. As it turns out, it’s a perfect word. Just do it NOW!
Where is the office located?
I am in Chicago, but I meet all my clients on Zoom.
How long is a typical session?
After a 45- to 60-minute conversation to determine the best approach for you, a Rapid Transformational Therapy® session will be two hours or more. Often an issue is resolved in that one session. If you choose additional coaching, those sessions are approximately 50 minutes.
How much do you charge?
This will be determined by what services we agree are best for you. Investment can range from $750 to $2,500 to start. I do not charge an hourly fee. We can discuss fee and payment arrangements to meet your needs.
Do you take insurance?
No. Private pay only.
How do I pay?
Credit card or PayPal.
Do you offer a free initial call?
Absolutely. It is imperative that we both feel comfortable with each other and confident that you will get the results you seek. This initial call will be approximately 30 minutes.
Who is your perfect client?
Anyone who truly wants to make significant change and is willing to be open and honest. I work with both men and women.
How long will I work with you?
RTT® can resolve most issues in only one or two sessions. Some clients want additional on-going support, and we will add coaching as we agree together.
What is RTT®?
RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy®. You will find more information about it here.
Is our work confidential?
Absolutely. You may feel 100% confident that nothing you say will ever be repeated.
Do I have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?
No. All you need is an open mind and a commitment to change. Of course, if you believe that it doesn’t work, I doubt we’ll be working together.
Do you prescribe medications?
No. I am not a medical doctor.
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