Attitude of a Champion

“I played to my strength. My strength was my mind.”
– Wayne Gretzky

Silhouette Men And Women Runners Up Not as good as I used to be

Remember Logan (from the Home page) and his anxiety about not performing at his best?

How can he reach elite status or go pro if he can’t perform better? He’s won so many awards and everyone tells him he’s great, even his coach. But what if he’s not? He thinks he’s not as good as the other guy and makes comparisons all the time.

He used to jump out of bed in the morning, excited to get to practice and see what the day presented. He loved it when he faced competition knowing he’d come out on top. Now, he gets a knot in his stomach and dreads the event.

Recently, Logan drags himself out of bed and delays as long as he can. He believes he’s not as good as he used to be and wonders if he’ll ever get back there.

Logan feels ashamed because he doesn’t know how to fix this

Logan feels shame because once you’ve been a dynamic, high-performer, that’s what everyone expects of you. That’s what you expect of yourself, and when you don’t measure up, shame and anger tend to be the emotions that emerge. It might even lead to depression. But he can’t let anyone know. He must put on an act so nobody can see his inner turmoil.

It’s not like everything’s terrible now. It just feels like Logan has lost his competitive edge. He wants to get it back.

He’s read all the right books and thinks positive thoughts – why can’t he get out of this slump?

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Being in a slump can happen to anyone

Any athlete, chess player, equestrian, golfer – anyone who’s been at the top of their game can experience a drop in performance. Maybe an injury or a few lost matches have created doubt and disappointment. Even if it’s only a self-perception, it can feel a little scary. You wonder if you’ll ever get your enthusiasm back.

“I want to feel like a champion”

My personalized Attitude of a Champion program is perfect for high-achieving individuals who want to elevate their personal performance.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind to step over self-doubt and hesitation into full potential is possible. Maybe even beyond one’s expectations.

“You were born to win. But to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”
– Zig Ziglar

Gain Mental Toughness

Some find this is the missing piece of the puzzle – mindset training.

This approach to peak performance guarantees the attitude and mindset of a champion.

Don’t let shame keep you from being at the top of your game with the Attitude of a Champion.

Contact me today, and let’s start resetting your mind.

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