“When you believe in yourself, you have 100% of the people you need on your side.”
– Anna Vitam


About Me

AdminMy path and my passion

From executive recruiting (my husband and I were “headhunters”) to real estate project management…

From having a live radio show in Chicago to being the voice of foster children in court as a Guardian ad Litem…

I’ve had a multi-faceted portfolio of professional experiences that brought me to my roles of personal coach and hypnotherapist.

The common thread in all my experiences? I was always deeply curious about what makes people tick and wondered how I could help someone move toward a better outcome.

On my radio show, I interviewed people like Wayne Dyer and other authors who wrote books on how to live a better, more fulfilling life. As a Guardian ad Litem, I told the court what action I thought best to benefit a child’s future away from the hurt and dysfunction they’d known.

Coaching helped me know what to do next

Coaching was still a new profession when I used it myself to help me discern how to converge my “portfolio” of experiences into a purposeful next chapter.

After several sessions, my coach suggested I could be a great coach. Colleagues and friends agreed. I enrolled in the best program I could find – iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), a top-rated program by all credible sources. The training was excellent, and I knew I was on my path.

My process

As I expanded my coaching expertise, I discovered the effectiveness of two other modalities that I now specialize in – hypnosis and mental coaching.

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy®) can provide immediate benefits in just one or two sessions that might otherwise take years of standard talk therapy. Attitude of a Champion can reignite mental sharpness and build self-confidence when a person thinks they have none. I explore new techniques all the time.

My promise

My goal is to make you feel heard, supported, encouraged, strong, and confident in all good things.

On the personal side

I am a true Midwesterner and was a suburbanite all my life until I moved into a high-rise condo just off Lake Michigan in Chicago and became a true city-dweller. I love my lifestyle in a city that thrives. After my husband passed away, I tried living in Florida and South Carolina but ultimately returned home.

Though a dog parent in the past, I did not relish outdoor walks in sub-zero, snowy weather. Pet-free for several years, I adopted my cat, Molly, during the COVID lockdown. While it took some adjusting on both our parts, we are now devoted, housemates.

I enjoy going to movies and live theater. I’m always up for dining out – casual and upscale. My ten nieces and nephews live exciting lives that I enjoy hearing about, and visiting them in different parts of the country is always a treat.

Note: If you want my complete Vitae, I’ll be happy to send it to you. But I can tell you it will include more than you’d ever want to know about me.

My Approach

1644674899I am committed to your next chapter

I’m pleased you’re curious about what I do because I do a few different things. How I would work with you depends entirely on what you’re ready and willing to do, what you most want to change or eliminate in your life, and what feels good to you.

Our goal – yours and mine – is to resolve the issue most pressing for you right now. First, I listen to you – deeply – to truly understand what’s not quite right in your life and how it’s affecting you.

We’ll imagine how life will be different for you when you experience freedom from the burden(s) you carry. Fair warning – as we work together, other new and old issues might arise. We’ll deal with those, too.

Not sure about hypnosis?

Hypnosis, in some form, might be a wonderful way to release the stress you feel and to teach your mind new ideas and perceptions that will serve you better than what you’ve been thinking and believing.

As a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist®, I am constantly amazed at the results people get from this process.

Be sure to watch the three-minute video on the Hypnotherapy page.

Deep personal coaching can change everything

You may want a coach who will support and encourage you.

Good coaching will also challenge you to see things differently and do something you didn’t think you could or wanted to do.

You’ll get that here.

Has your “mental edge” slipped just a little?

Maybe your confidence needs a boost. My Attitude of a Champion training is all about that.

Sharpening your mental edge to what it was before or what you want it to be is easy if you’re willing to “do the work” (it truly is easy).

10678951Here’s the bottom line

I’m here to serve and support you. What you can accomplish will thrill you if you’re willing to be open and vulnerable and try new ideas and beliefs. You deserve to live your best life – NOW – and I’ll consider it an honor to help you.

By the way, we work online, so you can be where you are most comfortable and relaxed.

Self-compassion and care are part of our journey together. It’s taken me far too long to embrace this, and I won’t let you dismiss its importance.

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