Divorce Recovery

“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”
– Oscar Wilde

1054146596​Abandoned and Alone

When Judith’s* husband of 31 years left her for another woman – well, frankly, she was in shock.

They have two adult children and are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first grandchild.

The future looked bright, and they planned to travel a lot when they both retired in the next few years.

The shock came first

Judith wondered, “How can this be?” She saw no signs, or did she? Perhaps the signs were there, and she ignored them.

She started having self-doubts, questioned herself, and wondered what SHE should have done differently.

Always a confident woman in her personal life and work, now Judith doubts herself about almost everything. She certainly doubts her ability to accept this new reality and move forward.

Her entire future fell apart, and she feels that she’s not far behind.

1092241181“Where is the woman I used to be?”

Somewhere deep inside, Judith realized there was a dim flame still burning.

If only she could find a way to spark that fire and use that energy to feel strong and self-confident again.

Surprise or not – divorce takes a toll

Whether, like Judith, you feel shocked at being divorced or you are the one choosing to move on, this life event is a blow to your ego. All kinds of emotions and fears start appearing. Self-confidence slips a little or a lot. There is so much to deal with that it’s easy to start doubting – yourself and your next step.

I can help you find that woman inside and light her fire. Together, we can muster all the confidence and energy you need to change perspective and start seeing the seeds of a new yet different future.

We can start to look past the hurt and immediate sense of overwhelm and develop a strategy to experience life with joy and anticipation.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.

“When you believe in yourself, you have 100% of the people you need on your side.”
– Anna Vitam

That may sound like more than you can imagine. But I promise that if you have a spark of belief in yourself, I’ll help you build that up until you feel strong and unstoppable.

All we need is a spark!

Let’s talk about how I can help you find ‘YOU’ again.


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