Rapid Transformational Therapy®

“Every word you say is a blueprint that your mind, body, and psyche want to make a reality.”
– Marisa Peer – Creator of RTT®

1914007363It’s unbelievable but true

I almost hesitate to state some facts about RTT® because they’re so amazing and hard to believe. RTT® can eliminate emotional and physical pain, phobias, addictions, self-confidence issues, stress, and sleep concerns – so many things in only one or two sessions.

RTT® gets to the root cause of blocks and challenges and removes them – quickly. There are no weekly appointments with counselors for years to deliberate over past hurts and mistakes.

Maybe you can decrease or eliminate that medication. You don’t need a lifetime to learn, master, and change the processes of your mind. RTT® can bring about breakthroughs and help you heal sooner than you think.

Who knew our minds were so powerful?

Your mind is the most powerful part of you. It can work for you, or it can work against you.

When you’re stuck on something you can’t seem to change, your mind is working against you.

Recent brain science tells us that our subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our actions. We’ve also learned that we can change our minds if we want to make the change.

We can build new neural pathways (beliefs) no matter how old we are. So, if we don’t like some of our actions and we know we can control our minds – we can change our minds and, ultimately, our lives.

1688246053What is Rapid Transformational Therapy®?

RTT® is a specific, distinctive approach offering tools that can lead to powerful shifts and permanent change. Change can occur immediately, gradually, and sometimes retroactively.

RTT® is not a single approach. Instead, it combines principles of hypnotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) into a hybrid therapy that is solution-focused, evidence-based, and results in rapid, effective, and permanent change.

RTT® addresses many problems

I encourage people to try RTT® for almost any physical or emotional issue or pain. But some of the more common concerns RTT® can address include:

  • Self-Esteem Issues, Lack or Loss of Self-Confidence
  • Panic Attacks
  • Addictions, Phobias
  • Trauma, Stress, Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain, Neuropathy

1965010480How can change happen in only one or two sessions?

In addition to our two-hour session, I create a personalized audio recording with all the messages you want your mind to remember and support you in changing your behavior.

The only thing you do is commit to listening to the recording every day for at least three weeks. Most people want to continue listening because it’s enjoyable, and they see their lives change.

One of the best times to listen is when you go to bed at night. You listen, sleep, and your subconscious mind does the rest.

Try RTT® and see the change immediately.

Contact me today for more information.


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