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KAREN ROSS is a Mental Coach and Hypnotherapist specializing in three areas

  • Resolving executive & entrepreneur angst
  • Providing peace & comfort around cancer treatment
  • Assisting recovery during and after divorce

Karen combines her experience, various trainings and certifications with a natural ability to relate and engage with her clients. She offers clarity of vision and a heightened sense of purpose and well-being for people seeking to improve certain aspects of their lives. Her process is guided and determined by her client’s specific needs – no standard method here.


Karen is a gifted therapist who blends her skills and experience as a certified professional coach, mediator and businesswoman to provide transformative therapy to her clients through various methods and approaches. She is a Rapid Transformational Therapist®, an iPEC-certified coach and Attitude of a Champion Mindset Expert. Her practice provides a safe place for people to explore what is holding them back from making life-changing decisions and then move forward often beyond their own expectations.

As a former radio show host, she interviewed experts renowned for presenting ground-breaking personal development ideas anyone could implement.   She has co-founded, supported and worked hard as a volunteer for various causes helping those who could not speak for themselves.  In her business positions she has sought to always provide a sense of help and support.

ABOUT Hypnosis

What Clients Say

The anxiety issue I came to Karen with was not huge—but was very annoying. She invited me to not only clarify goals for eliminating this issue, but also helped me set it into the larger perspective for how I want to live my life. She lovingly guided me through the hypnosis session with great ease. Every night before slipping off to sleep I listened to her lovely voice and empowering words on the recording. I am ever so grateful to say that my issue has disappeared!

J. A. Neurauter

BodyMind Therapy Coach

I had exceptional results working with Karen Ross.  For years I felt anxious and it deeply affected my life since childhood.  I was filled with doubt even in talents that I had been well trained in and sometimes felt I had nothing to contribute in social conversation.  Through her warm and genuine, caring personality and “You Are Enough” technique, I feel much more confident. I feel I really do have worth.  I experience much less fear every day and embrace my unique gifts.

E. L. Lieberman

Author & Spiritual Educator

Reticent but desperate, I agreed to try RTT®. A 20-minute session relaxed and calmed me. Karen sent me a recording of our session but I didn’t realize I was supposed to listen to it every day. I started listening as I walked each morning and what I heard literally stopped me in my tracks…like hearing it for the first time. Each time I played it while walking and at bedtime as well, I took on a new attitude about my abilities and talents.

Karen’s voice is calming and her words reached into my sub-conscious and created clarity and a new way of thinking about my publication deadlines. Karen and RTT® saved me.

J. B. Guy

Author & Journal-writing coach

Following chemotherapy, I suffered from neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I tried acupuncture and light treatment with no lasting success.  Karen was able to create a personalized hypnosis tape using RTT® techniques that helped me greatly alleviate this life-impacting side effect.  Even after the 21-day initial program, Karen continued to maintain contact and devised a second tape to foster continued improvement.  I am so grateful to Karen for making my life more fulfilling by increasing my ability to participate in the physical activities I love.

J. Harnish

You have my deep gratitude for being a part of it (healing) and showing me the way. My body isn’t through its journey to healing yet, but It’s close, and I’m learning so much about the small joys of life. I’m still healing all the time and I’m pretty amazed by it all.

Beverly Tobin

I started seeing Karen at one of the lowest times in my life. My private life was a mess, I was a mess. Just not sure how to cope with any of it. I feel Karen got me to that next level. Her voice is so soothing and the recording I received has helped tremendously. Months later I still listen to the recording daily. The understanding and compassion I have felt from her speak volumes about where I am in my life. You helped me out so much when I needed it the most.

Darci M. - Client

After our session…I felt so light, clear, and refreshed. Listening to the recording is the cornerstone of my evening routine. I wake up refreshed, with a positive attitude. When I feel unsettled during the day, I will pause and listen to the recording as a way to gain balance and perspective

Amy, Client

When I hear her voice, I feel like I’m being wrapped in a warm blanket.



Note: Karen works with clients internationally via Zoom.